Laurie’s Artwork

I’ve always loved the sea, so when the opportunity arose for us to move down to Dorset, in the blink of an eye I had packed our bags, bundled our beagle Ozzy into the car and we were off!


The coast is such a magical place – ask anyone and they will have a special memory or connection with the sea. There are always treasures to be found on the shore and most of my paintings are of things that I find on adventures with Oz, or animals I can imagine swimming wild in the distant ocean.


Living on the coast has also made me think critically about my environmental impact and what I can do to keep our oceans clean. I’m trying to make little changes bit by bit, for example by doing a litter pick when I’m on a walk with Oz, or ensuring prints are made with recycled paper and packaged in compostable packaging. Hopefully these little steps will build up and make a big difference, protecting our oceans for generations to come.

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