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“Other companies might boast about having a great team, but nobody else has a team like this. We’re blown away on a daily basis at the talent, pragmatism, humour and knowledge that these folks demonstrate on every project that they work on. To say we’re proud of them is an understatement. Nobody else has a team like this, because this is more than a team – this is family”. Mark & Eric

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Mark is our very own online learning Yoda, with a surprisingly similar dress sense! With 15 years in digital learning, he can write it, draw it, voice it, film it and animate it.
Director & Co-Founder
Glyn is our resident Steven Spielberg. He can turn the most mundane of subjects into video gold, with a few well-chosen angles and the right lighting.
Head of Videography & Learning Developer of the Year
In the flashiest of flashes Sarah waves her design wand and before you know it you’re presented with a bespoke design. From full-blown design concepts to individual logos they are easy on the eye and bang on time!
Senior Digital Learning Designer
Every office needs a Dave, and Popcorn is no different. Dave tells us that he was christened ‘on a warship’. We don’t believe him as he never answers when we call him it.
Senior Quality Assurer
Sam's hometown of Rugeley once hosted the British Quidditch Cup. While Sam's pursuit of the golden snitch has so far proved fruitless, fortunately, his impressive skills with a camera have paid dividends. Not bad for a muggle.
Riona once told us that she enjoys cornflakes drenched in orange juice. Assuming this was a new craze, we tried it too. Our taste buds still haven't forgiven us for it. Luckily, her creative skills are far superior to her breakfast combinations.
Digital Learning Designer
Beach-lover Laurie is never away from the coast for long. So much so that we're pretty sure that, sooner or later, she's going to request an office-move to a beach hut. Although the ice-cream and sea breeze is appealing, we're not convinced she's thought the WiFi situation through.
Digital Learning Designer
Legend has it that Becky is so efficient that she managed to get pi down to two decimal places. By comparison, ensuring that customer projects are completed on time and we deliver awesome service is a doddle.
Customer Project Lead
He’s our commercial L&D impresario with a passion for food. If you want to know something or chat about L&D he knows his onions. Chances are he’s fried and eaten them too.
Director & Co-Founder
Nicola is competitive and she's from Stoke. This heady blend means that we always make sure she wins at Popcorn quiz nights.
Learning Experience Lead
George decided long ago that Tasmania was too beautiful a place to live, and so put things right by moving to Croydon. Australia's loss is Popcorn's gain though, as we're pretty sure there's not a better Business Development Director on the planet.
Business Development Director
Richard doesn’t just create educational videos for a living, he also creates them for charities in his spare time too! But that’s enough about Rich because he makes the rest of us look bad!
Senior Videographer
Before joining us, Daisy worked for Ikea. We think this is why she puts pick ‘n’ mix sweets at the end of her courses and refers to her desk as Billy. There’s a joke there too about meatballs, but HR won’t let us write it.
Digital Learning Designer
Hailing from deepest, darkest Lancashire, Joe is a witty wordsmith, talented trainer, dedicated designer and a decent developer. At least we think that’s what he told us – we can’t understand him.
Digital Learning Designer
Tom tells us that he came here to do two things: shoot videos and chew gum. And he's all out of gum. We just figure that he loves making videos while smelling minty fresh.
Pen-wrangler Libby's love for the written word is matched only by her love for pizza. Fortunately, she's yet to combine the two - it's really messy trying to clean pizza off of computer screens.
Senior Instructional Designer
With superpowers of humorous creative writing and digital wonderment, Kath brings her artistic learning magic to all her projects. So much so we forgive her for insisting on eating food with the fun removed.
Head of Learning Design & Learning Designer of the Year
Seafaring Rosie spent so much time at sea we are convinced that she’s got scurvy. Now she’s on dry land Rosie is our digital go-to-girl. Want to know about delivering projects on time? Rosie has it covered.
Head of Learning Delivery
Finding the weather in South Africa a little too pleasant, Lydia moved back to the UK. Which is lucky for us because, a) her design skills are second to none, and b) we all love biltong!
Senior Digital Learning Designer
Cat is our queen of HR. Rumour has it that Cat can spot a people policy from 50 meters away. Blindfolded. All whilst reciting the EU Working Time Directive.
People Lead
Tea is an important drink at Popcorn Studios. Jodie once put lumps of ginger in hers. We still haven’t forgiven her. Thank goodness she’s a gifted animator with years of corporate experience.
Ollie told us during his interview that his previous job was as a baker. ‘You’re hired!’ we told him. Fortunately for our recruitment policy, Ollie is also a gifted illustrator and an amazing animator. Phew!
Senior Animator
Lucy has one of the toughest jobs in Popcorn - organising Mark and Eric. Don't think that's a tough job? Try getting them both to a meeting on time when there's a pastry shop en route.
Executive Assistant

Popcorn's Resident Artists

How do you ensure that digital learning material looks beautiful? Ask artists to work on it! It’s no coincidence then that the majority of the Popcorn team have a design background. We’ve got a selection of artwork that the team have created outside of Popcorn below.

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