Emma Lambert

“I “discovered” Popcorn in 2016 when their RfP stood out from the crowd for its concise, upbeat and totally learning centric focus. Finally I had a vendor that spoke the language of learning and behaviour change to get business results. The e-learning we developed together was so well received with people telling us it was the best they had ever completed and they were so happy with the interaction, the fact that the learning stuck etc. All the things you want to hear as a Head of Learning. The modules were so popular that word spread and other functions started asking for “e-learning as good as that”. The result was over 40 modules developed across a number of functions and a Silver Award at Learning Technologies for the team in 2018. And of course, the business results we were looking for. I also worked with Popcorn to develop instructor lead training that became my favourite to deliver ever, got great feedback from participants and delivered business results from the day after the first class.

Why are Popcorn so great to work with, well first of all they know learning, secondly they go the extra mile and take pride in making sure that you get exactly what you need without an ever increasing cost. They are responsive, flexible and fun to work with. No matter how tough the going gets, SME’s late with content, last minute content changes and additions, you name it, I have had it and the Popcorn team have dealt with it quickly, professionally and with good humour. They even helped us when we had glitches with our LMS that were not their fault in any way, such is their dedication to making sure you are a satisfied customer.

When I changed companies I introduced Popcorn and I got the same response, “wow this is great and they are so good to work with.” Popcorn are now working on projects in different groups and functions in both companies so their results really are dependable, repeatable and reliable. What more can you ask for? I count myself lucky to have found them.”

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