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How Popcorn Came To Be

An epic tale of bite-sized brilliance

Popcorn was founded in 2015 by Eric Gresswell and Mark Glanville. As well as sharing the good looks, wit and charm that would make a Hollywood A-lister jealous; Eric and Mark established Popcorn with more than 25 years of learning and development experience between them.

Both Eric and Mark built their experience by working within the learning and development functions of several large organisations. During the years leading up to the creation of Popcorn, they grew increasingly frustrated with the online learning sector. Buzzword-bingo seemed more important than employing trusted learning principles, pricing structures were often non-transparent and good customer service was hard to find.

There was clearly an opportunity to do things differently – to do them better. Ideas formed. Bullets were bitten. Bulls were taken by horns. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Learning first, tech second.

Having learning and development professionals at the helm gave Popcorn an edge from the outset. While so many similar agencies have their foundations in either technology, marketing or communications; Popcorn has always tackled projects from a learning and development perspective first, layering the tech in after – the technology most suitable for achieving the learning objectives.

This has made Popcorn popular with large employers, because talking the same language, understanding business constraints, creating engaging learning interventions and showing return on investment are all significantly more important than paying out for shiny new technology if it’s not going to be used effectively.

It's all in the name

Popcorn got its name because of the type of learning that we produce. We work hard to simplify the subjects we tackle; and then break them down into small, easily-digestible bite-sized chunks. A bit like the learning equivalent of actual popcorn. Even the most broad and complex subject can benefit from this approach. The book might still be big, but the chapters are short. And we make sure it’s a real page-turner too!

Plus, everyone likes popcorn, right?

So, that’s us. Popcorn – the home of bite-sized brilliance.

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