Our Approach

How we make bite-sized brilliance

Our purpose is to create beautiful, engaging and effective learning that is held accountable to commercial goals. Every company and organisation that Popcorn work with is different. Each has their own unique objectives, tone of voice, and audience. Our process is thorough and ensures that we don’t miss a thing – meaning that you get a quality product that’s simple, engaging, beautiful and effective. What’s more, it will have measurable impact on your commercial goals.

Let’s take a look at the journey of your project…

Step 1.

It’s All About You

Before we get started on a project, it’s really important that we find out all about you, your project, your business, your people and the commercial goals that this will be aligned to.

We’ll discuss if there are any brand guidelines that you need us to stick to, talk through how you’re planning on hosting your finished content and how success will be measured.

Step 2.

Determining the Learning Objectives

Every great learning and development project starts with the end in mind – the goal. We’ll work with you to identify what the learning objectives should be and also discuss how we can measure the return on investment.

Our job is to make your project as effective as possible. We also want to make you look good, so the more details we can find out at this stage, the better.

Step 3.

Identifying the Solution

We work with you to come up with the best solution to bring your content to life. Some things work best when presented as a filmed video, for others, an animation is the answer. eLearning courses can be interactive or even gamified.

We’ll give you our insight into what’s worked well for similar courses in the past as well as how we can leverage the latest technological trends. Either way, you’ll have something completely engaging for your learners.

Step 4.

The Words that Work

It’s time to let the creative juices flow. We either use material that you supply us, or we research our own. We then combine this with our years of learning and development experience and start to write your course content; all whilst layering in your tone of voice.

This gives us some scripts and storyboards so you can see exactly what will be said in any videos, animations and in the course itself.

Step 5.

We Get All Creative

Yep – we bust out our best crayons and create you the most awesome course that money can buy. Ok, that might be a difficult statement to quantify, but there are two things that you should know about us:

  1. We always like to outdo whatever course we created last week; and
  2. We’re only happy when you’re happy.

Step 6.

Test, Test and Test Again

We give whatever we’ve created a good test to iron out any niggles before we send it to you. All niggles are dealt with humanely.

As well as checking for typos and functionality, we also check to ensure that your content stands up as a piece of learning and is able to achieve the learning objectives determined in Step 2.

Step 7.


The local council close the streets, there’s a ticker-tape parade, loud music and nachos*. We present you with your course to rapturous applause, patting of backs and high-fives.

Over a series of releases, we do all the fine tuning that you need to make your new course perfect. We mop away the odd tear of pride and bring the project to a close… or do we?

*Sometimes this only happens in our minds.

Step 8.

But There’s More!

We might have delivered you an amazing course, but our job isn’t quite done yet. After the course has been released, we catch up with you again to find out: how the learning objectives being met; what is the evaluation telling you; how much is the return on your investment; and how can we make this course even better in the future.

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