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Mental Health Awareness

Here at Popcorn, we’re passionate about mental health awareness. We believe it should be a focus, not an afterthought. And, while there are countless useful resources available that discuss mental health, we found it difficult to find a formal training course that would educate and inform us about mental health in the workplace. Pretty surprising, right? Especially given that mental ill health costs UK employers an estimated £34.9 billion each year, an amount that can be significantly reduced by taking simple steps to improve the management of mental health.

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    Blended Digital Learning

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    Filmed Video, Animation, Interactions

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    Popcorn (Corporate Social Responsibility)

What Was The Solution?

As we couldn’t find a course like this, we decided to build our own! We also decided to make it available for free for anyone who needed it. Using a combination of research, scientific data, and personal experience, we developed a course that would educate people about the different types of mental health in order to create mentally healthy workplaces.


Our Introduction to Mental Health course consists of filmed documentary-style videos, talking heads, animations, and interactive questions. The course begins by explaining what mental health is, what the common mental health issues are, and how to recognise symptoms of ill mental health. It then moves into discussing how we can maintain good mental health, and where to go for support if needed. The final section is aimed at managers who may need advice and guidance on how they can support their teams with their mental health.


To approach the subject of mental health in a sensitive, respectful way, we created animated characters that represent different emotions. Every character looks the same apart from a liquid inside of them which reflects how they’re feeling. We also used a muted palette of colours and nature-inspired sounds to create a calm, tranquil environment as learners move through the course.

What Was The Outcome?

The result is a gentle, informative overview of the different types of mental health issues, that we hope will make mental health a bit easier to talk about. We’re incredibly proud of this course and the conversations it’s helping to start in workplaces across the UK, and we hope to continue creating courses like this in the future.




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