Case Studies September 1, 2019

Return on Product Training Investment

We were asked by an international retailer to create some training to support with some new products that had been launched into their stores. These included several luxury audio devices including headphones and earphones by Bang and Olufsen.  Product training was new for this particular retailer, and so they were keen to see what sort of impact it would have on the bottom line.

  • Strategy

    Blended Digital Learning

  • Design

    Magazine-style Guides, Filmed Video and Animation

  • Client

    International Retailer

What Was The Solution?

After looking at various options, we decided to go with a blended approach of animated videos and magazine-style guides. The guides were designed to give an overview of the device specifications as well as a demo run-through, and the animations explained some of the tech in more detail. Measuring return on investment was critical to the success of this project – so how did we do it?


Our training was launched after the product had been on sale for about a month. This gave us a base level of sales information.


When we released the training content, we split the stores into three groups:

  • One group received no training content;
  • One group received only the magazine-style guides; and
  • The third received the guides and the videos.

What Was The Outcome?

Well, if truth be told, despite being confident in our approach, even we were surprised by how impressive the results were.  The group who received no training, increased their sales of the product in question by 13%. The group who received only the PDF guides increased their sales by 20% – a sizable increase on its own. However, the group who received the videos, as well as the guides, increased their sales by a massive 45%! 


Sales Uplift (Percent)




Magazine-style Guides

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