Case Studies December 1, 2020

Virtual Conference

Towards the end of 2020, one of the biggest estate agencies in the UK came to us with an exciting request. Having recently revamped their corporate strategy, they asked us to develop and build a virtual conference that would allow them to share their 2021 vision and goals with their team based across the country. The event would be live streamed to an online virtual conferencing platform with exclusive, secure access for everybody in the company.

  • Strategy

    A blend of pre-recorded video and live Q&A

  • Design

    Filmed video, animation, booklets

  • Client

    Large estate agency

What Was The Solution?

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we set about developing ideas for a virtual conference that would be interesting, engaging, and memorable… in other words, a million miles away from the webinars of yesteryear! After talking things through as a team, we proposed a 90-minute virtual conference consisting of filmed videos, presenter-led segments, animations, and audience interaction that would get their employees buzzing for the new year.


We worked with key members of the client’s leadership team to produce scripts and storyboards for each segment of the conference. We then filmed the team presenting these segments in a greenscreen studio. In post-production we placed them in custom built, 3D branded environments and used virtual cameras to create dynamic moves around them. We created a number of short ‘explainer’ animations to highlight key points, and finished it all off with a real-world brochure containing all the information from the conference in a compact, easy-to-read format.

What Was The Outcome?

A refreshing twist on the traditional annual general meeting that successfully shared our client’s new messaging with their employees and got them on board for an exciting future with the company.




Presenter-led videos


Running time of the event in minutes

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