Revolutionising E-learning: How Popcorn’s Consultative Approach Is Making A Difference

In today’s rapidly evolving corporate landscape, the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ model of eLearning fails to meet the complex and diverse needs of modern organisations. Luckily, here at Popcorn Learning Media, we have the answer. Our consultative approach to eLearning offers a tailor-made solution that aligns with your business’s unique goals and challenges. Here’s why it’s so good…

Understanding Your Unique Needs

For HR/L&D leaders, the pressing need isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it’s about driving real business impact. This was exemplified in our collaboration with global real estate services company CBRE, where we completed a comprehensive learning needs analysis before starting any course development. This analysis not only identified skill gaps but also unveiled cultural and demographic issues within the workforce. Our solution? A custom-developed QHSE Induction Program, meticulously designed to resonate with CBRE’s workforce and ethos.

Bespoke Solutions for Real Impact

Our strategy focuses on collaboration and understanding – we dive deep into your business, culture, and objectives. At CBRE, we identified a significant misalignment between the workforce’s perception of QHSE policies and the company’s vision. Our response was a holistic eLearning program that not only educated but also fostered a cultural shift towards safety and compliance.

Measurable Success: The CBRE Case

Post-deployment, CBRE witnessed a remarkable 94% completion rate, a testament to the program’s relevance and engagement. More importantly, there was a 41% decrease in significant adverse events, demonstrating tangible business impact. Our consultative approach doesn’t just educate; it transforms.

Engaging and Dynamic Learning Experiences

Our eLearning solutions are far from mundane. Dare we say it, we make learning fun! The CBRE program features an animated, immersive journey through a virtual office, with characters, gamification, and interactions galore. This approach ensures higher engagement and better retention, transforming learning from a chore to an experience.

Adapting to Your Business Evolution

Your business is dynamic. For this reason, your learning solutions should be, too! Our programs are designed with flexibility to adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring long-term relevance and effectiveness.

Your Next Step in E-Learning Innovation

So, if you’re looking to empower your team, drive measurable business outcomes, and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, it’s time to experience Popcorn Learning Media’s consultative approach to eLearning. Give us a call today and begin your journey towards an eLearning solution that truly aligns with your business goals and culture.

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