Learning Technologies Awards 2018 Learning Designer of the Year

Learning Technologies Awards 2018 Learning Designer of the Year – Gold Winner

Kath Jackson-Jones is the Senior Digital Learning Designer here at Popcorn Learning Media. Since starting with us two years ago she has made herself completely indispensable thanks to her unique blend of approachability, humour, excellent communication skills and incomparable instructional design ability. An academic at heart, Kath loves learning. Her drive is to make learning accessible to all, and this passion comes through in every learning intervention that she is involved with.

In this world where ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ are terms thrown around like confetti, Kath isn’t afraid to take a step back and review what is really important –namely: “Is this as effective as it can be for the learner?” Of course, Kath is innovative too. She has built long-lasting relationships with her clients and it is evident that they really trust her.

As a result, she has helped to take them on a journey from a place where, for some, digital learning was an unused term to where it is now classed as ‘how we do things around here’. What more could you ask from the Learning Designer of the Year?

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